Nalanda Dhanraj Suryavanshi


“I wish to diversify rural businesses and help turn women into entrepreneurs.”

Nalanda Dhanraj Suryavanshi is a spritely woman from Malegao, Osmanabad. With a population around 1000 residents, Nalanda tai is a social worker here. Her work primarily is for the benefit of widowed women or women have been abandoned, mostly by their husbands. Nalanda, who began her work in the Balkaamgaar Varga in 2005, works as a Community Resource Person for Self-Help Groups. Her work involves helping widowed women get timely rations as well as ensuring uninterrupted supply of clean water for the village through water tankers. Nalanda also helps women secure loans for their business enterprises.

Nalanda tai’s association with SSP began as an Arogya Sakhi, as she has always been interested in matters of health and wellbeing. Prior to this, for 7 years, she never stepped out of her home for work. Once she attended a meeting held by SSP and was captivated by the multiple avenues the organization offered. Soon, she began working with SSP. Nalanda tai developed a number of qualities, like grit, fearlessness, and confidence, thanks to SSP. For someone who was unable to even step outside the house, Nalanda tai has now friends in high places.

Nalanda tai’s dream is to turn everyday women into business professionals. In her village, dairy farming is the only business that is practiced. With the Fellowship, she wishes to diversify businesses in the village. She wishes to help women become financially independent of their husbands so that they can play a better role in household decision-making processes. For widowed women, she wants to start a pension fund scheme to help with their livelihoods. She also wishes to complete the construction of toilets in her village and make it open-defecation free.