Sadhna Deshmukh


“I want to enable women to receive loans and start their own businesses, like I did.”

Sadhna is from Murud, a village with a population of about 18,000, and a large market (bazaar) close to the boundaries of both Latur and Osmanabad. She is a well-recognized entrepreneur who continues to engage and inspire many women to start their own enterprises. While building enterprises, she has always focused on larger community issues such as lack of toilets, water and sanitation.

Hygiene and waste management are both community and household issues. Sadhna wishes to motivate women to work together at a community level with the Gram Panchayat through joint citizen meetings, to jointly look for solutions and implement them.

Sadhna’s aspiration for her community stems from the unique socio-economic position occupied by the village. Being a bazaar with a large population, the village usually attracts people from other villages. While the market and trading bring economic benefits, the village is reeling from the negative impact of this growth in terms of cleanliness. There is garbage everywhere, gutters are overflowing, and this unclean atmosphere is leading to a higher incidence of diseases in the area.

Sadhna wants to continue to influence and mentor women to enable them to think like entrepreneurs and follow her path. She wants to enable women to get loans to start their own businesses, and make products that they have expertise in, like food products. Sadhna’s assurance to budding women entrepreneurs is that she will help them to connect to networks for marketing their products.